Antarctic Peninsula & South America from Falmouth

From a one-night party cruise to a longer voyage our collection of Antartic Peninsula and South American Cruises has a cruise for everyone from a host of regional ports throughout the UK

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The Antarctic Peninsula & South America

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MV Van Gogh

59 days from


Departing Falmouth

4th January 2008

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Join us for a magnificent 59-day cruise where nature reigns supreme. Journey to the bottom of the world, to the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, the ‘White Continent’. Be prepared to be dazzled by the breathtaking beauty of its towering snow-covered mountains, sweeping glaciers and majestic icebergs and view an abundance of wildlife at close quarters. On this cruise you can also discover the great cities of South America - Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Montevideo - bursting with Latin rhythms, colour and colonial charm.

ATV Itin

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