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Stena Line Ferries   ONLINE FERRY TICKET RESERVATIONS offer the largest selection of online cross channel routes bookable to and
from 26 different countries from the UK, Europe and the Baltic.

To book a ferry ticket to the destination of your choice simply select the country you wish
to sail to from the list below and then select your desired route from relevant drop down
menu next to your country selection.

You may also click here to view an interactive map that will further assist you choose
the most suitable ferry route.

Should you require a ticket price and wish to pay using £GBP's please click here.

Dover to Calais Ferry
Ferries to France
  26 Ferry routes to France from the UK, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Corsica and Sardinia
Dublin Ferries
Ferries to Ireland
  9 Ferry routes to Ireland from England, Wales, Scotland, France, Isle of Man
Bilbao Ferries
Ferries to Spain
  2 Ferry routes to Spain from the UK
Amsterdam Ferries
Ferries to Holland
  3 Ferry routes to Holland from the UK
Belfast Ferries
Ferries to Northern Ireland
  6 Ferry routes to Northern Ireland from England, Isle of Man and Scotland
UK Ferries
Ferries to England
  39 Ferry routes to England from around the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Continental Europe
Gothenburg Ferries
Ferries to Sweden
  9 Ferry routes to Sweden from England, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Estonia and Poland
Haugesund Ferries
Ferries to Norway
  11 Ferry routes to Norway, England, Sweden, Denmark and Germany
Esbjerg Ferries
Ferries to Denmark
  15 Ferry routes to Denmark from England, Sweden, Norway and Germany
Cuxhavn Ferries
Ferries to Germany
  9 Ferry routes to Germany from England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania
Zeebrugge Ferries
Ferries to Belgium
  2 Ferry routes to Belgium from England and Scotland
Stranraer Ferries

Ferries to Scotland

  7 Ferry routes to Scotland from Northern Ireland and Belgium
Holyhead Ferries
Ferries to Wales
  5 Ferry routes to Wales from Ireland
Ajaccio Ferries
Ferries to Corsica
  21 Ferry routes to Corsica from France, Sardinia, and Italy
Porto Torres Ferries
Ferries to Sardinia
  9 Ferry routes to Sardinia from France, Corsica and Italy
Douglas Ferries
Ferries to Isle of Man
  4 Ferry routes to the Isle of Man from England, Ireland and Northern Ireland
Cowes Ferries
Ferries to Isle of Wight
  4 Ferry routes to the Isle of Wight from England
Gernsey Ferries
Ferries to Guernsey
  5 Ferry routes to Guernsey from England, Jersey and France
Jersey Ferries
Ferries to Jersey
  5 Ferry routes to Jersey from England, Guernsey and France
Helsinki Ferries
Ferries to Finland
  6 Ferry routes to Finland from Sweden, Estonia and Russia
Greek Isles Ferries
Ferries to Greece
  37 Ferry routes to and from Greece
and the Greek Islands.
Gdynia Ferries
Ferries to Poland
  1 Ferry route to Poland from Sweden
Channel Islands Ferries
Ferries to Channel Islands
  18 Ferry routes to and from Jersey
and Guernsey Islands
Tallinn Ferries
Ferries to Estonia
  5 Ferry routes to Estonia from Sweden, Finland, Germany and Russia
Genoa Ferries
Ferries to Italy
  11 Ferry routes to Italy from Corsica, Elba and Sardinia
Iceland Ferries
Ferries to Iceland
  8 Ferry routes to and from Iceland's Syeysdisfjordur ferryport.
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With the largest selection of ferry routes and operators is able to offer you the lowest ferry fares with online reservations on all ferries sailing from over twenty six different countries across Europe inlcluding ferries to and from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Norwary, Belguim and the UK.

You are able to reserve the ferry tickets to and from the following countries online at

Finding exactly what you are looking for has just got a lot easier. Simply type your ferry or destination related keyword in the box below and click the 'search' button to be displayed direct links the pages on the web site containing information relevant to your search.

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To book a ferry ticket to the destination of your choice simply select the country you wish to sail to from the list above and then select your desired route from relevant drop down menu next to your country selection. Besides being safe and secure you will enjoy savings of on brochure fares when you reserve your ferry tickets online in advance.